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Company Profile
XySemi Inc is dedicated to provide power integration solutions for easier design, better performance, lower cost and higher integration. We provide power management solutions and battery protection solutions based on our patented power device structures and exclusive process technologies.
The founder of XySemi was world expert in power semiconductor devices and processes. He co-founded Enpirion Inc based on some of his invention from Bell Labs Research, Lucent Technologies. Enpirion announced the first DC-DC converter with integrated inductor based on his enabling semiconductor technology. This product has won the best product in power IC from EDN in 2004 and many other international prizes. The founding team has won the second best inventor team among all competitors in electronic fields, ADI Blackfin microprocessor team won the first prize. Enpirion now has been a high end brand in DC-DC with products sold to Intel, Alcaltel, Dell, Cisco etc.
XySemi core design team has over 30 man-year experience in US well known power management companies. Each of which has developed several power management products and has been in volume sales on the market for a long time.
XySemi has been collaborating with Yale University in developing radiation-resist power devices and power management ICs for CERN(Conseil European Pour Recherches Nucleaires) . It’s been demonstrated that XySemi’s patented power devices are more radiation-resist than TI, IR and Enpirion power devices, these results has been published on TWEPP 2009 proceedings. (Refer to International Collaboration/Paper TWEPP_2009_Proceedings_Dhawan.pdf).
XySemi Inc combines its unique power device structures and semiconductor process technologies with power system engineering techniques. On one hand, XySemi can optimize its analog semiconductor process to cut cost, enable low cost products for consumer electronics market in Great China Region; on the other hand, XySemi can produce novel power devices with enhanced performance, making our products in the lead for high end market, especially for the applications of high-frequency, high voltage and miniaturization.