XySemi Inc is dedicated to provide power integration solutions for easier design, better performance, lower cost and higher integration. We provide power management solutions and battery protection solutions based on our patented power device structures and exclusive process technologies.

  SYNCHRONOUS BOOST CONVERTER XR6501,XR6502 Release 2014-2  
  Power Bank SOC XS5601 XS5603 XS5803 release 2013-8  
  Power Bank SOC XS5801 release 2013-3  
  XB6366A\XB6366D release-DFN2x2 Package 2012-10  
  XB8689D release-25mohm Rdson SOP8-PP 2012-9  
  Set up office in Taiwan 2011-09  
  The business in South Korean has officially began 2011-07  
  LED Driver series products available 2011-06  
  DC/DC series products available 2011-05  
  XySemi statement ,from Nov 15,2010 start using the new logo  
XM5152 1.5A Synchronous Step-Down DCDC converter Tiny DFN3X3 Package
XB9241A 3mΩ Rsson,continuous current up to 15A
DFN4X4x0.55-12FC package,One Cell Lithium-ion/Polymer Battery Protection IC
XR4981A Input 2.8V~36V, output 5V~36V High voltage & power Boost Controller
QFN3x3-16,can 3.3Vin to 12Vout 2A;5Vin to 12Vout 3A;12Vin to 20Vout 4A~5A For QC Power Bank、TYPE-C、High power Amplifier application and so on
XR2981 High power asynchronous boost converter
One cell input,can output up to 24W;Two series cells input,can output up to 40W ESOP8,simple external circuit , For QC Power Bank、TYPE-C、High power Amplifier application
XB9901A RSSON 11.5mΩ,DFNFC1.8x1.4x0.55,very thin&small
continuous current 5A~6A,One Cell Battery Protection IC
XS5801D Total solution for 5V 500mA~800mA Power Bank especially Lipstick or Perfume Type
Integrates Li- Battery Charge management、Li-Battery Protection and Boost converter in only SOP8-PP package.
XR2204D Boost Converter for 5V 2A Power Bank Solution
1.2MHz Boost Converter,Can output 5V2A with Li-Battery